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CV & NHS Career

I work as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS.


I have held several positions in adult mental health including primary care psychology (allied to GP teams), dealing with common mental health problems such as depression and low mood, PTSD, anxiety, weight management, insomnia and sleep problems, confidence problems and low self-esteem and single-incident and complex trauma. I have also worked in specialist teams, dealing with complex difficulties, childhood trauma, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and addictions.

I have a special interest in the impact of adverse childhood events on the development of mental health or physical health issues. Adverse childhood events are called ACE's in the literature and include:


Parental separation or divorce

Physical abuse
Emotional abuse
Sexual abuse
Physical neglect
Emotional neglect
Household substance abuse
Household mental illness
Bullying or sibling bullying
Incarcerated household member
Domestic violence experienced by a parent or caregiver


For the last 15 years, I have led a specialist 'general medicine' NHS Psychology Team supporting patients from 15 medical teams including diabetes, gynaecology, endocrinology, surgery, dermatology and many other departments in the hospital. 


I have a special interest in the impact of adversity and trauma, including medical trauma. I draw on 25 years of experience in hospital settings as an expert witness for the court commenting on the impact of illness, accidents, injury and life events on psychological condition.


Our team prides itself in innovating alongside our medical colleagues to improve care, pathways and outcomes.

 I am currently working on the development of innovative services for patients using lifestyle medicine, trauma focused interventions, group treatments and new pathways in services including cancer, diabetes and gynaecological issues like unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage and PCOS. 

I meet all the standards of proficiency to be fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Clinical Psychologist.


​I am a full member of the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society, The Division of Health Psychology and The British Fertility Society.

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