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Coronavirus and therapy

Can I have therapy safely during the pandemic?

Yes. As long as you are somewhere you can talk, listen and concentrate then you can have therapy. If you don't feel comfortable meeting at one of my clinics the therapy is just as effective by phone or video call.


Therapy with a consultant psychologist is going to get you straight to the heart of the problem. I have so many years of working with people that it does not take long to spot what needs to change.

All you need is to decide that you are worth an hour a week at first, whether by video call, phone or face to face.

Or just start with the free consultation.

Be reassured, the Coronavirus pandemic has heightened the anxiety of most people.

If you were already considering therapy you may be feeling more anxious about how to do this
safely. Covid-19 may have made you feel more health anxious, panicked, or depressed about the
future. You may feel isolated or perhaps your children are showing signs of being fearful or phobic
about germs.


It’s a challenging time for everyone but I can help you with your coaching or Psychological therapy goals in a way that feels safe for you.

Living with uncertainly

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